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Experience a medley of smokehouse flavors!

At Tubby's Q & Smokehouse, we focus on adding a personal touch to an American favorite - barbecue! Whether you are an enthusiast, novice, or fall somewhere in the middle, you will discover that the authenticity of our barbecue is not only in our cooking technique but the ingredients that we use in each carefully crafted dish. One key to our success is grilling over a wood fire where the combination of flickering flames and delicate smoke impart a robust, layered flavor to our meat.  Then we pair our meat with savory Tubby's Q sauce and familiar scratch-made sides.  Finally, our guests will discover that the barbecue experience at Tubby's Q comes full circle when they are served hearty portions of food by our friendly staff in a relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere.

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Founder and Co-Owner


David, a pudgy, chubby-cheeked child (aka “Tubby”), discovered his passion for cooking at the early age of six. Growing up in a family of nine, he sometimes had to prepare and create meals out of necessity.  His mother, a methodical bus driver allocated the household chores, including the cooking, among Tubby and his siblings.  This started Tubby on the road to bringing his family recipes to life.  As Tubby learned to cook, he became captivated by the culinary process and wanted to develop a reputation for masterful cooking.  His father, a highly respected minister who sold fruit, taught Tubby how to select and purchase fresh, quality ingredients.  With time and practice, Tubby was able to win over his family’s taste buds with delicious food.


As an adult, Tubby remained true to the art of cooking.  He began perfecting his grilling and barbecuing techniques.  Applying lessons from childhood, he barbecued and recreated various family recipes for his friends and members of his church, which evolved into catering.  As demand for his barbecue grew, Tubby decided to venture into starting his own restaurant.  With dedicated and hard work, he opened the doors to Tubby’s Q and Smokehouse in November 2018.  When asked what inspired him, he simply stated “I just love the process and love to eat and I wanted to share that with others.”

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